Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pack your Lunch: Salads in a Jar

This is such an easy lunch to take to work. This is also a keeper for potlucks; just take a bowl to "dump" the salad into.  ....And these keep in the refrigerator up to 5 days!!  The jar on the left is the mixed greens salad, the jar on the right is a variety of fruits and the jar in the background has pieces of angel food cake to put the fruit on.  Of coarse I made a vanilla frozen yogurt to top it off!

Using a quart mason jar add the following ingredients:  salad dressing, hearty vegetable; like cabbage or anything that can withstand being in the dressing for a period of time. Then add vegetables layering by color or texture (because it is about looking good, right?) you can also add grains, dried fruits, nuts, sprouts, cheese, meats, or anything that you may use when preparing a mixed salad.  The combinations are endless; Chinese chicken salad with chow mien crispy noodles, ceasar salad, cob salad....the list goes on.

So try taking a "jarred" lunch to work instead of a boxed lunch.   : )

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